The Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team fully recognises that games testing is big business these days purely and simply because it can determine whether a game is going to succeed or fail. Some companies neglect to put their games, whether Internet based or console based (XBox 360, PS3, Wii and so on), through extensive testing and pay the price, whereas others cover all bases to ensure that the experience of playing the game can be a pleasant one. Tentacle Solutions development team is firmly in the latter category.

Ensuring that the average gamer would be completely happy with his or her gaming experience is of paramount importance if you want to ensure the success of your game. Regardless of the platform, each and every game must be put through rigorous testing to ensure that any and all bugs are picked up on and fixed. This is why Tentacle Solutions offers a comprehensive testing service for both clients that have commissioned a game directly from the company and those that have not.

A client may have gone elsewhere to get a game developed, only to find that they have not wound up with the gaming experience they imagined. Whether the game in question is a console game or a Flash game that has been designed as a viral marketing tool, testing is necessary. However, with the latter, a lack of testing can often be dangerous. After all, a Flash game is designed to promote your company, products, services or a combination of the three. Imagine what a poorly designed and untested game could do for your image. Instead of having a positive effect on your levels of business, it could go exactly the opposite way.

Tentacle Solutions offers a range of testing, depending on your wants and needs, requirements and specifications. This includes:

  • Gameplay testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Online and network testing
  • Defects management
  • Usability testing
  • Design consulting

Of course, there are many more aspects to UK based games design and development testing that Tentacle Solutions can cater for, but those named above are the main ones for you to consider.

The functionality of the individual game must be tested before the game itself is released and documentation will be provided to you if and when testing has occurred to confirm the results. If another company has designed the game and they do not provide you with this then it is wise to have it tested again. As such, you can contact our UK based games design and development team to discuss our services in relation to your needs. Our free, no obligation consultation will be able to highlight just what we can do for you.

If you have commissioned Tentacle Solutions to design and develop a game for you then you have the peace of mind that we test our games at various stages in the development process, thus leaving you with a bug free finished product at the end of it!