Story/Script Development

As the leading UK based games design and development company, Tentacle Solutions is committed to fulfilling all of your specifications and requirements when it comes to completing a game to help you enhance your business and drive traffic to your site. However, in order to do that, we need to ask one question above all others…

What are you trying to promote?

The answer to this question will undoubtedly play a major part in the final product that we deliver to you because without the promotion element in mind, no game will achieve its target audience. If a game fails to reach its target audience then it will ultimately not be able to pass the relevant message on. Many other games development companies may forget the message that you requested or fail to ask the question of you in the first instance, but Tentacle Solutions will deliver every single time.

No matter what you are trying to promote, be it a range of products, an individual product, a service, a specific venue or an activity, Tentacle Solutions will start with that in mind. We do not attempt to make your promotion fit a pre-developed game because the promotion aspect will more often than not fail in that instance. Instead, we build the game around your promotion.

If you have ever played a video game or a game online then you will know that there has to be a hook, an engaging narrative to keep an avid gamer coming back to your website and encourage them to pass the news on about your game to his or her friends. The story is very important in the marketing and promotion of your products and services and so it is perhaps the best place to start.

All games have to have a story and an ultimate goal, but where do you want it to start? What do you want to happen on the way? What elements would you like to feature – a mountain, a car, a plane, a specific house, building or room? You can feature as many of those elements as you like or choose completely different ones. No matter what you preference though, these are all essential developments in terms of the story. Without such features, no story can carry the weight of any form of promotion. It is not enough to keep a gamer engaged. Instead, those features support the story and successfully take it to the next level.

After settling on a story and developing the full range of options, we will begin building the script. The script is the heart and soul of the game because the pre-determined script governs everything the gamer could do within it. As such, it also provides the individual gamer with the full experience and makes your message much more likely to hit the target. This is why we will fully develop it and begin to formulate the body of the game. This will dictate how the story and the script interact and gel into a game format.

Once these concepts have been developed and agreed, our UK based game designers will start building the backgrounds, characters and models. Eventually, a Tentacle Solutions expert developer will start building the code engine that will run the graphics and story that will fulfil all of your wants and needs by effectively promoting your products and services.

This is UK based game design and development at its best – working with the client in mind.

Also with the client in mind, Tentacle Solutions is happy to offer a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the story/script development and any other games design and development requirements and specifications that you may have. During the course of the consultation with our developers, you can take full advantage of our experience in assessing companies of all sizes and all industries in terms of the message they want to deliver and how they want to deliver it. We can then demonstrate what our experience and high quality skill set will be able to do for your business. Our contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.