Mobile Development


Due to its unique features and creative capabilities, the Apple iPhone is the leading mobile games platform. Across the mobile phone industry, the iPhone has left its rivals in its wake, grabbing a huge slice of the smart phone market with its incredible level of advanced functionality that simply cannot be found anywhere else. With its next generation technology, simple interface, minimal hardware and touch screen, the iPhone is just perfect for almost any kind of game possible.

Popularity of iPhone Games

With more and more people enjoying the benefits of mobile gaming, the iPhone fulfils a demand that nothing else can – providing a reliable, high quality platform for top class games that can be played anywhere, anytime! Gamers today are constantly on the lookout for ever more exciting and challenging iPhone games, resulting in iPhone games developers to churn out numerous top titles each and every month, yet still the demand for bigger and better games continues to grow.

While iPhone games are yet to offer the graphics of the PlayStation or the sound quality of the Xbox 360, they are nevertheless getting better and better with each day. One of the biggest reasons for iPhone game popularity is their easy accessibility via the internet. Gamers can simply look up the newest games, download and play in an instant. And with the iPhone being a truly mobile device, users can now take their gaming anywhere – at home, at school, on the bus, even on holiday.

The number of people using the iPhone is increasing with each day. With it, the popularity of iPhone games continues to surge, with an ever growing expectation of which game will be the next big thing.

iPhone Game Development

Tentacle Solutions offers advanced iPhone game development services that will simply blow gamers away. Our expert team of professional iPhone game developers has a wealth of experience under their belts, producing high quality iPhone games for years following a unique development strategy. Not only do we develop iPhone games under our own brand, but we also develop hundreds of games for satisfied clients.

iPhone game development is one of the most exciting tasks that we undertake, due to the unique and interactive features offered by the platform – features such as swipes, drags, pinches, flicks, all done with various numbers of fingers allows us to create highly interactive games that can immerse gamers in their virtual world.

Our team of professional developers includes OpenGL experts who have a years of experience in the creation of industry standard games, long before the iPhone was ever released. The process of our iPhone game development begins with a revolutionary, intuitive concept, which is followed through by the design of a smart interface, coding and finally, development. Once a game has been successfully developed by our coding team, it then undergoes a series of tough quality control checks to ensure that the entire game is free from errors and meets the high standards of the iPhone games industry.

Our Expertise

We incorporate various technologies into our iPhone game development, as well as multiple programming languages, frameworks and platforms. We have expertise in Objective C, Cocoa, Core Graphics, Core Imaging, Core Video, OpenGL, AppleScript, Core Audio, Core Animation and more. Together with exciting technologies unique to the iPhone such as the accelerometer and cocos2D – iPhone, we are able to create games more easily than ever, incorporating higher visualization and stunning graphical effects that simply weren’t possible before.

Our wealth of iPhone game development experience does not stop at design and development – instead we extend our services to application marketing in order to make sure that your game receives as wide a coverage and as much visibility as possible. Unless your game makes it into Apple’s App Store, it may as well not exist. We are well known for developing high quality games which get picked up by the App Store, gaining the attention from iPhone gamers that you require.