Why HTML5?

HTML5 is the most advanced coding language yet, and is already taking the world by storm, taking web-based gaming to a whole new level. With new integrated features allowing video and audio elements, HTML5 allows for us to design viral marketing games of more complexity and more stunning visuals than previously possible.

What is HTML5?

Backed by hundreds of the biggest players in the IT world, HTML5 is the hottest new platform for web-based game development to hit our screens. HMTL5 brings such an incredible new dimension to your gaming experience that in just a couple of years it’s expected to revolutionize the web-based gaming world.

There is a huge demand for HTML5 game development, and Tentacle Solutions leads the way in offering first class game creation to its clients. Being a pioneer in the field of HTML5 development, Tentacle Solutions is backed up by a team of some of the most experienced, expert HMTL5 developers and designers working in the industry today.

HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 is the newest, most up to date version of HTML, one of the web’s oldest programming languages. Although for much of the early years of the World Wide Web’s existence HTML coding ruled the roost, for a long time it lost popularity due to the lack of any advances - the functionality of other programming languages led to HTML’s steady decline. But now, with the newly developed HTML5, it’s possible to achieve almost anything, from basic websites to highly complex mobile applications, and of course, the most advanced web-based games the world has yet seen.

Tentacle Solutions have been at the forefront of HTML5 web game development for quite a while now, with the pedigree to make your games compatible on all major platforms, including laptops, iPhones, iPads, and more. Ever since Apple first began to push HTML5 hard with full support on their iDevices, HTML5 has been recognized as the best platform for the iPhone and iPad.

When it comes to iPhone and iPad game development, Tentacle Solutions’s knowledge and expertise is self-evident from the astonishing number of successful projects we have already carried out, and our professionalism is underlined by the praise heaped on us by our clients.

Our high level of expertise in HTML5 game development allows us to create visually stunning, feature rich web games that promise to create a huge impression on your clients – we take web-based gaming to the next level


Seamless Integration

Using HTML5 you can be assured of the seamless integration of your viral marketing game into your website. HTML5 can be embedded anywhere within your site – no matter where you put it, it’s guaranteed to be error-free and run noticeable faster than any other gaming platform available today.


HTML5 coding delivers optimal performance with your games. Using minimal script, when you develop your games in HTML5 you’ll suffer no more slowdown that is experienced with many flash-based web games

Video & Sound

HTML5 allows you to integrate high quality video action and crystal clear sound clarity into your games without the need for any third party plugins to be installed, allowing for cross-browser compatibility.


The canvas element of HTML5 allows for the creation of dynamic, high precision 2D graphics in your web-based games, rendered quickly and efficiently, allowing for lightning-fast loading speeds.

Offline Storage

HTML5 games allow devices to store data online using cookies and cache files, meaning users no longer have to be online to play your games, as data can be accessed even without an internet connection.


Geolocation allows users to share information with you, meaning you’ll know where users are based. This allows you to provide added benefits for your clients, providing with up to date, local information, delivering a more personalized, local experience.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of HTML5 is its compatibility with all platforms, including iDevices, Symbian, Android and Blackberry. HTML5 breaks down the barrier for games developers, while users can also benefit – with HTML5 there’s no more downloading required, simply switch on, log in and play.