Kiosk Software

Kiosks are a key element of many companies and businesses. We can help you design and develop an interactive touch screen cloud-based platform for your audience to actively engage with your story and market your business to the public.

From tradeshows and showrooms to museums and retail stores - It is your content, your way. A fully interactive experience with cutting edge appeal, functional depth and endless capability.

What are Kiosks?

An interactive kiosk is a kind of booth that is used for providing specialized services to the public using a simple interface - mainly a touch screen monitor which could be a simple tablet such as an iPad. These are then programmed to provide specific set of services to the public at large using an easy interface.

In a kiosk, a user gets a response to all his queries within seconds. Most of the computer equipped kiosks are completely interactive. These interactive kiosks are installed either to provide information or to complete some specific transactions for the general public.

The use of self-service interactive kiosks with touch screens has gained tremendous popularity in many retail businesses in recent years across various products and retail services.

What are the advantages of using Kiosks?

The advantages of marketing kiosks are generally understood through these kiosks’ near limitless capacity to disseminate, organize, and prioritize information. With an interactive touch screen, customers can find the information most relevant to their own desired products and buying priorities. Businesses can make as much, or as little, information available through marketing kiosks. They can also put the most effective marketing materials on the home screen.

Being able to use an interactive kiosk that will respond to any number of information inquiries far exceeds standard product label marketing. A customer feels empowered by the opportunity to seek out that information which matters most to them.

Tentacle Solutions would build your Kiosk software as a valid HTML5 web app running locally on the kiosk machine. Being a completely self contained unit, this software would have no browser compatibility or mobile device issues so that it could be built to a specific screen resolution and even built to be used on a specific browser

Our high level of expertise in HTML5 game development allows us to create visually stunning, feature rich, kiosk software that promises to create a huge impression on your clients.