XML Dynamic Data

As Tentacle Solutions has extensive experience of building bespoke Flash games to suit all client specification requirements, our developers are fully trained in any and all techniques required to achieve optimum results. This includes XML dynamic data technology.

XML dynamic data is an essential tool in UK based games design and development because it enables your custom Flash game to retrieve data from your existing company database. As such, it can operate on your existing system by utilising data that is already in place.

What does this mean for you?

The contribution that the Flash game would make to the enhancement of your website’s visitors and/or customer base is undoubtedly improved with the use of XML dynamic data. By drawing on the data that is already in place, XML technology can actually help us to tailor your bespoke game to your wants and needs efficiently and effectively.

Obviously, the use of XML technology in UK based games design and development largely depends on the format of the game, but there are several ideas for development that you could take advantage of, such as the following:

  • Pull in the details of your existing products and services to incorporate them into the Flash game itself or for use alongside the game.
  • Offer answers and solutions to questions and problems that are modelled on your existing products and services.
  • Offer answers and solutions to questions and problems that are designed to promote new products and services.
  • Putting the ball back in your court as far as the game is concerned because you can dynamically alter the parameters of the game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • .NET Web Services can be fully incorporated into the game.

Any of the above features can be combined to give your Flash game a different dimension and the ultimate experience for gamers and customers that visit your website. It can also allow you to have full control over your game, which is important should your customer base and ultimate goal change over time.

If all of the above sounds like just what you are looking for in a bespoke Flash game then there is still more advantages of incorporating XML technology into your game. In fact, there is a major advantage that has yet to be mentioned. That is the fact that XML technology will actually dramatically increase the technical abilities of the game. This is not only a good thing in terms of the user experience, but also in terms of the competition. Should a rival attempt to replicate a game or create one of its own then your will undoubtedly stand out over and above it.

Tentacle Solutions has expertise specifically in building XML libraries for individual clients, which of course will be unique depending on the nature, content and amount of data your business currently has stored. However, once the building of your XML libraries and classes is complete then they can easily be reused for any future game projects that you may have in mind.

What if you do not already have a database?

XML dynamic data does work on the assumption that there is already data to work with. However, not every company will already have a database in place. The presence of one largely depends on the operations and procedures that are fundamental to your company’s ability to function.

If you have yet to experience the advantages that a database could give your business then you may want to consider our UK based software development team to fulfil your data specifications and requirements. All businesses, both large and small, would benefit from having a database and Tentacle Solutions can fulfil that void for you. Our UK based software development team has extensive experience in working with companies of all sizes to create a viable and effective bespoke data storage facility to suit all of your wants and needs. We work on a number of platforms to ensure that the best possible software is created and put to use for you to enhance your business.

Whether you would like to capitalise on the XML dynamic data technology that Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development can incorporate into your bespoke Flash game or would like a bespoke database created for your company, please contact us. We can discuss your needs further before designing the best possible program for you that can really give your business the edge in any competitive market.