Seeding Campaign

As the premier UK based games design and development company, Tentacle Solutions is all about ensuring that all of the requirements and specifications of the individual client are fully met, from the initial design of the game right through to the ability to reach the target customer base. As such, we continue to provide a valuable service to all of our clients even after the game has been fully designed and developed. That service incorporates the launch of the game and the necessary promotion. As such, one of the services that we offer is the implementation of a seeding campaign for your Viral Flash game.

As you probably realise, the launch and the promotion of the game is everything when it comes to ensuring its success and also the maximum possible effect that it can have in terms of expanding the customer base of your company. Without active promotion and an excellent marketing campaign, your game may have difficulty reaching the customer base that it is designed to attract. If you employ Tentacle Solutions for UK based game design and development though, you will not have to worry about this because it all comes as part of the package.

Here at Tentacle Solutions, we have devised our own seeding campaign, which will help to spread your Viral Flash game far and wide. We actually have a growing list of e-networking and marketing contacts, which is invaluable in this process because it will ensure that Tentacle Solutions can help to spread your new viral game to relevant recipients and achieve the greatest marketing effect possible.

Our UK based games design and development team have worked on seeding campaigns with many clients in the past and the feedback we have received has been nothing short of phenomenal. Furthermore, the success rate our clients have achieved from using this particular service has been unparalleled. Simply put, no amount of paid online or offline advertising can match the level of success you will experience. The force of hits you will see from these campaigns will blow your mind and enhance your business levels no end.

Here at Tentacle Solutions, we offer the following three campaigns for clients that are interested in employing our services to market their game:

  • 1 Month - Booster Campaign
  • 3 Month - Sustained Campaign
  • 6 Month - Branding Campaign

You may want to talk to one of our developers regarding the three options outlined above. Depending on your wants and needs, our developer will be able to help you decide which campaign may suit your best. However, no matter which campaign you opt for you will be sent a weekly progress report to ensure that you remain up to speed with the process and results of the campaign you chose. This report includes the approximate measure of exposure that has been gained from the campaign set that week.

Another advantage of using Tentacle Solutions seeding campaign is that your company will benefit from a larger and more varied data capture than would otherwise have been possible. The data will come from players that have left their name and email address on the hi-score board, thus giving you relevant marketing data for this and future campaigns. As such, a seeding campaign as effective and comprehensive as the one we offer is an invaluable tool for the advertising future of your company.

If the Tentacle Solutions seeding campaign appeals to you for a Flash game you may want to commission us to design and develop, or any other game, then please contact us. We will then arrange to meet you to discuss your wants and needs, thus giving your business the boost it deserves.