Quality Assurance and Compatibility

Tentacle Solutions has a reputation as the Flash games development market leader in the UK as a direct result of the high quality products that are created in our offices and testing labs year after year. This is no fluke. The hard work that goes into each and every Flash game and viral comes as standard when you commission us to deign and develop your game as a result of the quality assurance policies that we have in place.

Throughout our UK based games design and development process, our methods are fully monitored. We operate in a strict work environment to ensure that all aspects of the process are carried out to the highest standards. This includes, the actual design, coding, change management, configuration management and a variety of other aspects as well.

Quality assurance is important to each and very single one of our clients because a lapse in any of the above processes could cause a major fault with the game, which in turn could cause a major problem for the client. A poorly designed and compiled game could actually earn the client a poor review instead of a glowing on and that could negatively affect sales of the relevant products and services. It also reflects negatively on the customer service of the client because a lack of functionality implies that the client undervalues the consumer. As such, it makes it virtually impossible to hold on to your customer base, let alone attract new customers. This is why Tentacle Solutions should be your games development choice!

Tentacle Solutions is highly committed to quality assurance and puts strict controls in place to avoid all of the above. Our philosophy is that taking care of the processes will allow the game to take care of itself. If the processes are perfect then the game will be too so we can concentrate on meeting all of your specification and requirements rather than risk problems a little further down the road.

The average game is only as good as it’s compatibility with your system. Usability testing processes that are carried out throughout the games design and development process to ensure that a game is fully compatible with a variety of systems so that those gamers that do wish to play it can. A lack of compatibility or a certain system automatically reduces your potential customer base so it is essential that this does not happen. Tentacle Solutions designs the individual game with this in mind from the start and can ensure full compatibility.

With quality assurance and compatibility taken care of, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your Flash game will be a useful tool in a viral marketing campaign and will do your company justice. When you are trying to gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the similar companies in the marketplace, you should never settle for anything less. This is why Tentacle Solutions should be your first port of call.

Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team can immensely contribute to your business, regardless of where your company currently is at the moment. This is one reason why we offer a free consultation with our developers. Our developers will assess your specifications and requirements in terms of your future plans for your Flash game. As such, you can find out just how much you stand to gain from our expertise. There is no obligation to use our services after the initial consultation so you have nothing to lose by contacting us via the information on the Contact Us page.