Movement & Backgrounds

Tentacle Solutions specialises in UK based games design and development. With extensive experience in the gaming industry, we can build a game from the ground up to suit all of your requirements and specifications. We can readily design a bespoke Flash game for you, but you will need to consider several factors that will determine the feel of your game.

One of those factors is movement, and a second is the background. Both will make an impact on the gamer because they will determine just how the game is to be played and the aesthetic value. Both offer a certain level of appeal to gamers and will, if executed correctly, keep them coming back for more. That is where Tentacle Solutions can help you!

Dealing with movement first, there are two main methods of controlling movement in Flash Games:

This image depics a Computer Mouse

Mouse Movement with an optional action from the left click button. This will give your visiting gamers a lot more control over the movement of characters and within the game. However, it may be more difficult for gamers logging in from a laptop rather than a desktop.

This image depics a Computer Keyboard

Keyboard control with the arrow keys for movement and the space bar for an optional action. This will suit both PC and laptop users but the motion may not be as fluid, depending on the experience of the gamer. The quality of the game and the potential movement will be the same, regardless of which option you choose.

Secondly, you have to decide upon a background. Backgrounds are created from a blank canvas and designed with your promotion in mind:

This image depics a 3D Generated Landscape

By using powerful 3D imaging software, your game can boast incredible detail like the scene above. Tentacle Solutions will design any landscape you would like to feature in your game. Lifelike scenes like the one featured above can give your game a realistic quality.

This image depics a Cartoon Landscape

However your game may be better suited to a more cartoon style background like the one above. This classic game scene is preferred by some old school gamers and will blend in well if you choose Nintendo Wii Mii type characters.

No matter what choices you make in relation to movement and background, Tentacle Solutions can build your bespoke game from the ground up that will suit your requirements and specifications in order to enhance your business.

Designing a bespoke Flash game with backgrounds and movements is an extremely complex process, so much so that you are bound to have questions or comments on various aspects of the types of games we produce. Alternatively you may have ideas as to how your company could use a Flash game as a marketing tool. Either way, please feel free to contact us as a member of our UK based software development team will be happy to speak to you and answer any questions you may have. Our initial consultations are always free and put you under no obligation at all.