Flash Game & Viral Design

Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team is the leading team of its kind in the UK at the moment. Offering a range of games related services, we can cater for your company’s specifications and requirements no matter what game you envision or the effect you wish to achieve.

With extensive experience of creating Flash games for a number of purposes, the Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team is able to create the game you want to match all of your requirements and specifications. Our expertise incorporates all of the latest technologies so no matter what effect you wish to achieve with a Flash game, we can give you the means.

Our team combines high quality with functionality via a whole range of features that we can incorporate into existing games and bespoke games that we can create for you. Existing games can often benefit from extra features in order to help them reach a wider audience, whereas bespoke games development can optimise your game so it reaches the widest possible audience first time. All of our developers are highly skilled and can be considered experts in their field so you will get you require from your game.

Specialised areas

One of our specialized areas is Flash viral games, which also happens to be one of the best ways to draw positive attention towards your company with a view to increasing your customer base and thus sales.

Virals are effectively online snippets of website content that are created in the form of a short video or game. They can be placed on a specific page of your website, which is either your homepage or a separate page that is publicised on your homepage. They have a specific function and their accessibility and ease of use is crucial to ensure that they make a definite impact. That impact is based upon the fact that they are designed to have a high rate of transmission by being funny, informative, engaging, addictive or even just plain silly.

There are no specific rules for a viral campaign bar one golden rule that should govern the concept and design - the viral must attract the potential user, engage the user and give him or her a reason to spread the word.

Although the term “viral” is easily confused with the term “virus” but they are definitely not the same thing. Completely different to the harmful viruses that infect computer after computer, the viral game will actually have a high rate of transmission between friends, colleagues and other groups of people and spread a little something different to attract people to your website. Although the effect it has does depending on the subject matter, you may find that your viral is distributed extensively by means of topical forums, email and even word of mouth. As such, you will have people flocking to your website in no time, thus gaining more exposure and building up a large potential customer base for you to capitalise on.

Design and accessibility

A viral is designed to pass the message of your choice on to as many people as possible via the interactive content you decide upon. It must be engaging and require a certain amount of interaction from the customer as well as be of interest to your target market. By packaging up your message with a viral, your company name can gain a reach that increases exponentially every time it is passed on.

Whether you have an idea for your next viral or need the UK based games design and development market leader, Tentacle Solutions, to construct a formula that works, you can benefit from our experience in delivering multi-platform virals. We can help you to generate an online buzz about your company no matter what your requirements and specifications. If you would like more information about how we could cater for all of your wants and needs or a meeting regarding a project that you have in mind, Tentacle Solutions offers a free consultation service. To