In House 2D & 3D Animation

As the leading UK based games design and development company, the Tentacle Solutions team has a whole range of skills at its disposal to help your make the vision of your Flash game into a reality. This includes every single aspect of your game, from the background to the story to the characters. As such, you have a choice as to what techniques we can use to bring your game to life. One of those choices is whether to use 2D or 3D animation.

The Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team has experience in providing both 2D and 3D animation for our clients. Unlike other companies that do not have that level of expertise, we can provide the animation for your game as an in house service. As such, you are safe in the knowledge that the same team will be creating your masterpiece from start to finish. This also helps with the delivery of regular updates. As Tentacle Solutions is working on the animation of the game as well, we will be able to provide you with regular status updates when agreed that detail the current status of the animation.

A Flash game can incorporate either 2D animation (think Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers) or 3D animation (think Call of Duty) to cater for all your wants and needs. This choice largely depends on the final style of game that you want. Whether you choose 2D or 3D animation does go a long way to determining what the final product will look like. It may be this that actually governs your decision.

2D animation and 3D imagination give very different qualities to the game. 2D animation is generally simpler and associated with old style games. This generally proves to be popular with the gaming public online. Classic games often give the illusions of requiring less skill and so attract the casual gamers as well as the hardcore gamers that will undoubtedly find your site. On the other hand, 3D animation can provide a more realistic experience and encourage interaction. As such, it can provoke the gamer into getting heavily involved in the action and thus will come back for more.

As you can tell, 2D and 3D animation, in terms of the effect that it has on your target customer base, is very different. Depending on the product or service you are promoting with your Flash game and the customer base that you hope to reach, you may want to consider one over the other. Our consultants will of course be happy to discuss this with you to help you arrive at a decision before the design and development of the game starts.

Using the cutting edge in computer technology, we will design your characters and scenery to your specifications and then seek your approval before putting it all together and developing the script. As our 2D and 3D animation all occurs in house, we can put any changes you require into place quickly and efficiently so there is no disruption to the game delivery time. This ensures that you ultimately get a game that meets all of your specifications and requirements and looks aesthetically appealing to your target customer base.

The Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team has its very own 3D lab available so all of our 3D designs are generated and refined within our walls. We never outsource work of any kind so you can rest assured that your ideas and characters will remain exclusive to you. As such, we will never recycle those characters for another game unless specifically requested to do so by you for another company project.

Whether you choose 2D or 3D animation, all of the characters, backgrounds and features will be completely unique. They will also be of a high quality so everyone that visits your site will leave having had a wonderful experience. This promotes word of mouth marketing, which will in turn draw more people to your site.

If you do not yet have a preference of 2D or 3D animation or have questions still to ask then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled developers will be able to recommend either depending on the nature of your game. The Contact Us page for details on how to request information via our free, no obligation consultation.