Hi Scores & Email Capture

If you head into any arcade and have a look at the most popular games then you will find that they have one thing in common. They always display a hi scorer board to give the next gamer something to aim for. Some gamers spend hours and hours on various games, both in arcades and on the Internet, trying to get to the top of the hi scorer boards. This is why they can make the difference between a game succeeding and failing.

HiScores Boards

Tentacle Solutions fully recognises what difference a hi scorer board can make because it is all about the gamers. If the gamers like the game, whether because it is engaging or because they have something to aim for, then it is usually a resounding success. Many will actually check your company’s website regularly to see where their last score is on the hi score board. If they have been displaced then they will often start to play again.

Tentacle Solutions .NET HiScores table can really enhance your game and the plaudits it receives!

Depending on the nature of your game, as determined by the requirements and specifications that you give us, we can tailor our UK based software design and development to suit your purpose. In more simple terms, we can custom make a game to have a HiScores board to display any of the following:

  • Points collected.
  • Objects collected.
  • Highest level attained.
  • Quickest time achieved.
  • Longest time survived.
  • Any combination of the above.

Email & Data Capture

Every single time that any user plays an online game and wishes to register their gamer tag or unique identity next to their best score then they have to register in order to prevent cheating. This is also an invaluable way to capture the email addresses and data of your potential customer base.

A user would have to submit the following when they submit a high score:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Time submitted

Once collected, this data can prove to be invaluable for your business because you can then use that data to begin a highly targeted email campaign for marketing purposes. You can personalise the email and talk directly to them individually, which will make a major impact on them. You could also send them notifications of further games or when someone overtakes their score.