Gameplay Research and Design

The Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team is renowned for its attention to detail and extensive gameplay research and design. Very few other companies go to the same lengths that we do to ensure that the Flash games we develop are as far reaching as possible! There are several elements to our gameplay research and design here at Tentacle Solutions, but all of the processes we employ compliment each other well. As such, we are able to gain an accurate picture of just how well your game ideas may do.

Our UK based games design and development team will initially commence with extensive research into the given market at the time and also the game itself. If you are basing your Flash game on a real game, poker for example, then it is essential that the developer knows and understands the rules that govern the game in order to translate it onto the Flash game as well. Gameplay is extremely important in these instances because any inaccuracies will easily be picked up and the word about it will then spread far and wide in no time. This is why Tentacle Solutions spends days and sometimes weeks fully researching a game before the design process even begins. Of course, this length of time also depends on the complexity of the individual game and how comprehensive your requirements are.

The Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team also places emphasis on getting useful feedback from the client. After the initial design stage has passed, we ask for client feedback to see where we could improve upon what we have so far. It is also possible to try it out on a small cross section of the population at this stage because that is often the most helpful information. The feedback enables us to develop the game further and incorporate any and all suggestions that will enhance the nature of the game and make it more appealing to the public than it may otherwise be.

All feedback that is gathered will be constructive. As such, we have any problems highlighted and pinpointed with a view to consistently improving the game until it is ready in full for launch.

In a consumer environment, doing your research is essential. As a Flash game is ultimately a consumer toy it has the power to influence, the power to attract and the power to create a good impression. A game is only as good as the research principles behind it so it is important to examine what your target audience would look for in your game before the design and development process begins. This is why gameplay research is so important and is carried out right from the very start of any contract we have with you. Making the most of the target market is the key so Tentacle Solutions will target them from day one of development until the launch of the game itself.

It is important to capture the attention of the average gamer right away if your game is to be a success and that is just what gameplay research enables us to do. The first fifteen seconds is imperative. With a gamer’s attention or lack of patience evident after the first few seconds, you can learn from the process for future reference and we can ensure that that period of time is optimised to attract the best possible audience. We then have a solid foundation upon which to build. This is why Tentacle Solutions has the best UK based games design and development team around!

If you have any questions about our gameplay research and design services or would like to discuss the options that are available to your business, whether large or small, then please feel free to contact us. A developer will effectively be able to inform you of what is required in order to develop the ideas for your game and make sure that your focus is on the correct sector of the audience. As such, our meeting can give you a little perspective and highlight just what we could do for you. Please use the details on the Contact Us page to get in touch.