Custom Facebook Applications

Tentacle Solutions fully recognises that the availability and success of games depends largely upon marketing, gamer buzz and overall popularity. As such, it is essential to try to reach the largest audience possible. There is no better way to do that today than via social networking spaces. Social networking websites reach a much larger audience than ever before and so is a fantastic way to highlight products and services through viral marketing. This is where our UK based games design and development team excels.

Facebook essentially offers any company an unbelievable chance to spread viral games by capturing the imagination of the general public at large. Millions of people are members of the site, with an average of 50% of all users returning on a daily basis. As such, the marketing potential is absolutely huge. The applications platform allows developers to design and develop their own application to tie in with an existing product, service or message that they have to deliver through a game.

The UK based games design and development team at Tentacle Solutions can create custom Facebook applications that specifically relate to games that you may have in place already or can even design a custom application to accompany a game that you currently have in production. It may be that you are planning a game at this very moment or already have one in the design and development phases, whether with us or another company. Either way, we can build the social networking tools you need to be able to spread the world.

Using Facebook to promote your game is extremely prudent. Not only can you reach millions around the world but can also keep your costs as low as possible. Promoting your game in such a way is much more cost efficient than traditional advertising. By creating a custom application for you, we can ensure that your promotional tool does incorporate everything that you want and need from it. For example, it is essential to consider friend invitation and notification features present in an application to ensue that it is easy for others to spread the word for you. Customisation options are also important as they allow individuals to make the most of their experience and encourage them to return time and again.

Our UK based games design and development team is able to liase with you both initially and throughout the process to develop and application that is relevant to your game and also to your overall aims. We can formulate an initial viral concept and actively work with the application platform itself to create a custom experience that proves to be an asset for you. Consulting with you every step of the way ensures you get what you want first time, every time to move your game in the right direction as quickly as possible.

Tentacle Solutions has extensive experience of building custom application for Facebook and so can tailor that knowledge to enable you to get a presence established on the site. Having a presence seems to be a must for those businesses that wish to target a specific audience and encourage individuals to spread the word. As such, no matter how big or small your need we can help you to fulfil it.

Smaller applications and larger applications all have a place on Facebook. From business profile pages to full scale games, our UK based games design and development team can ensure that your presence is felt. The latter option encourages interaction and so can generate visitors and social buzz, the likes of which is otherwise difficult to achieve. The former option can actively direct traffic to an online game you currently have to encourage visitors to your website. Either way, the marketing potential is huge.

Designing the application itself is only the beginning of our services in this particular niche. We are also able to host your application, deal with the server set up, integrate it and, if necessary, maintain it to ensure that it actively remains online and offers those individuals using the application a memorable experience that they wish to revisit again and again.

For more information about Facebook applications and an idea of just what our UK based games design and development team can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. No matter how large or small your need, how rough your idea, we can work with you to make that idea into a reality and fulfil that need. We are happy to help you and provide you with all of the support necessary to ensure that your presence on Facebook is well and truly felt.