Drag & Drop

Tentacle Solutions UK based game design and development team specialises in flash games, which incorporates a wide range of techniques and processes to achieve the result that you ultimately want. This is why Tentacle Solutions is the leading UK based games design and development company out there today. It is also the reason why clients keep returning to use our services again and again.

One of the techniques and processes, as referred to above, is the drag and drop game. Completely different to traditional flash games, the drag and drop game is less intense and much more user-friendly. This is why you would ultimately have a more relaxed and thought provoking viral following the completion of the game.

The very nature of the drag and drop game encourages the user to interact with it and thus, consequently, your website. This is because it allows them to create and customise their own game. This creative approach is extremely popular in certain industries because it will draw the types of customers that each viral is ultimately aimed at.

In UK based game design and development, you have the choice of a number of drag and drop games. The type you should opt for largely depends on the customer base you are trying to reach and the resultant viral needs. The following may provide you with some ideas as to what type of drag and drop game might suit your wants and needs:

  • Creating a scene.
  • Creating a character.
  • Puzzle games that require one or more objects to be strategically placed.
  • Word puzzles that are similar to crosswords, scrabble and so on.

So how would this benefit you and your business?

Well, upon completion of the viral game, the user would have the choice of saving it. This could also be incorporated into the middle of the game as well via a save button and an email button. The gamer could either save it on the server itself or have it emailed to him or her. The save option does prove to be popular, although the user would need a password to be able to access the image again. As such, not only can you access every single image that has been created but you would also capture an email address.

The email option accomplishes the same in terms of the email data capture but differs in the fact that the completed image is sent to the user for their own personal use. This enables them to use the image how they please, which would also benefit you in terms of getting the word out about your game. If an individual uses the image then he or she would probably also say where it came from. Again, word of mouth is a fantastic way of raising awareness about your products and services and will prove to be an effective marketing tool. No matter which one you choose though, you would be able to target those same users that registered an email address again in the future via an email marketing campaign.

The drag and drop game is not limited to use on its own either. The UK based game design and development team at Tentacle Solutions can also incorporate drag and drop into a larger game.

If you require more details on this option, please feel free to contact us. Tentacle Solutions offers a free consultation to companies that may require any of our UK based games design and development services, of which drag and drop is an integral part. Regardless of whether you have an idea of what your requirements and specifications are for the game or are seeking advice, please use the details on the Contact Us page to notify us of your interest and one of our developers would be happy to help!