Character Design

Every good game, no matter how simple or complex, needs one thing to be able to capture the imagination of millions – at least one good character. Without a character, there is nothing to keep any visitor to your site engaged during the first visit, let alone anything to keep him coming back for more.

Along with extensive experience and the cutting edge technology to build you a game from the ground up, Tentacle Solutions has the knowledge to create the character you envisage for your game regardless of any other specifications and requirements you may have.

Whether you want a hero or several heroes, a villain or several villains, we can create them. You can choose human characters, cartoon characters or even those resembling objects. It is completely up to you!

Here at Tentacle Solutions, we have our very own 3D lab at our disposal. It is there that we will create a bespoke and completely unique set of 3D characters. The 3D nature of your characters will bring your game to life and ensure that your visitors get a rich and user friendly gaming experience as soon as they begin to play. This can certainly bring your site and business in general a little kudos and a lot of attention!

Although you may have your own ideas as to what your character should look like or even be like, you might not so here are some common ideas to get you started:

  • Human male or female form
  • Nintendo Wii Mii type of character
  • A vehicle such as a car, lorry, plane or train
  • An inanimate object, such as a gun, chair or basket

That list of ideas for a starting point is extremely diverse, but it will give you an idea of how much we could create for you. No matter what the theme of your game, we can create bespoke characters to support and enhance the game’s playability and draw attention to the game itself. After all, if a gamer likes a certain character then he or she is likely to return to play again, and again, and again...

The Next Level

If you did want to take your custom game to the next level and encourage a much higher point of interaction then you could choose to enhance their experience with any one of the following features:

  • The ability to create their own characters and add a variety of customisable features. This could be anything from the complete appearance of the character to the clothing alone. The degree of interaction of dictates how successful a game is if it is targeted specifically to reach a certain audience.
  • Build the character’s physical abilities through playing various levels further into the game. This gives gamers an incentive to continue working through the levels. If abilities can be unlocked with achievement points, for example, the gamer may become addicted and keep coming back for more.
  • The ability to edit the character and save it under their own unique profiles. Some games give gamers the ability to edit the character at any stage, which keeps the concept fresh. After all, if a gamer gets bored but is stuck with a specific character then he or she cannot inject new life into the game as and when he or she likes.

An individual character can engage the person playing the game, but a whole range of bespoke features will keep him coming back for more!

Whether or not you have your own ideas as to what the character design in your game should reflect, the Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team can help you to sort through those ideas and choose the best possible ones to reach your target audience. We offer a free consultation, during which a developer with extensive expertise will sit down with you to assess your specifications and requirements in relation to your company’s target audience. Ideas do tend to flow better when you can talk to someone with experience of what works and what does not. However, a consultation does not constitute any obligation at all. If you feel we can help you then you can commission us to create your game and the characters that go along with it. Either way, we will be able to answer any questions you may have and discuss your requirements at length.

Our contact information is available on the Contact Us page.