Two Way Server

Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team are experts in developing Flash games to suit all of the specific wants and needs of any given client, and this includes any special features that may appeal to the more dedicated gamer. After all, those are the gamers that will keep coming back and ultimately enhance your business. Opting for a 2 Way Server is one of those features and one that could lead to more website hits and an increased number of regular visitors for some time to come.

A 2 Way Server is literally a server that that effectively allows data to be passed between two or more Flash games that are being played simultaneously over the Internet. The transfer is absolutely seamless so it does not affect the game play in any way at all, and that includes maintaining the run time and speed. The data itself can be any information that is directly related to the game itself. For example, it could be a conversation, a file or simply game information.

Tentacle Solutions has the expertise and experience to be able to provide a Flash game with it’s own 2 Way Server. There is absolutely no need to subscribe to any third party host because we have all of the tools and technology we need at our fingertips to make a 2 Way Server possible. We use the latest Microsoft .NET technology coupled with Flash XML sockets technology, which will bring a fast, efficient and seamless 2 way transfer of information. This will enhance the enjoyment level of the game as well as its ability to enhance your business.

Tentacle Solutions has an extensive UK based games design and development team and thus no company requirements for a bespoke Flash game incorporating a 2 Way Server is too big for us. Our expert team can create exactly what you want and need in a timely manner, regardless of size. We also do not outsource any work so you can rest assured that the quality of the game and the sensitivity we handle your requirements with will not be compromised at any stage during the design and development process.

If you still are not convinced that you may need a 2 Way Server, here are some of the features that your Flash game could have if it were a part of the package:

  • It could be used to enable multiplayer options on the game. In other words, two or more people can play each other at any given time using real time technology.
  • It allows people to chat over the game
  • It allows settings from one player’s game to be transferred over to another. A great example of this is a card game so one player can see what another player has selected via the Flash game.
  • A multi-level platform is enables so that a gamer could save his or her progress so they can start where they left off a little later on.

In effect, the 2 Way Server can actually boost the popularity of your website because individuals that like the game will tell their friends about it and challenge them, and then they will challenge their friends and so on. Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and this kind of technology can really encourage recommendations. It is all about interaction.

You may not be looking for this level of functionality straight away. However, you can be safe in the knowledge that if your game required this in the future, Tentacle Solutions can provide this service straight away.

Depending on your requirements, you may need a database in place to capture and store the data that is being passed between the players that are enjoying your game when it goes live. Without a database, it is possible for data to become distorted during the communication process between the two players. It is also possible that the game will become a target for breaches of security in your system. However, a database not only ensures a higher overall quality in terms of the game itself and the gaming experience, but it can also secure the data related to the game and protect it from any relevant threats.

If you do not already have a database in place or alternatively have an outdated one that may not be able to handle the requirements of the new Flash game and its 2 Way Server, then Tentacle Solutions UK based game software development team can help you. Database design is amongst the team’s extensive skill set and so you can effectively enhance your company’s efficiency, security and profitability by embracing modern data storage technology at the same time as targeting your customer base via the game.

No matter what your requirements and specifications regarding a Flash game, 2 Way Server or even a database, Tentacle Solutions can help you. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.