Software Testing

Many companies know from experience that problems with software performance can bring the entire company to shuddering halt. It can hinder productivity, remove any scrap of efficiency and will undoubtedly have a major effect on profitability. The disruption that software and application problems bring to your business can damage the present and future chances of success, thus undoing any good work you did in the past. Tentacle Solutions will actively prevent these issues occurring with our established software testing procedures.

Tentacle Solutions UK based game software development team has extensive experience in the software industry and knows what is required to ensure that your company does not have to experience software problems. Your bespoke gaming software package should be bug free. It should run fluidly. It should provide the user with an excellent experience without a hint of frustration because it freezes or shuts down. However, all too often software companies are providing custom gaming software packages in which they have sacrificed quality for loading speed or another area that needed attention.

Tentacle Solutions will never sacrifice the quality of software for any element of the package. As a result of our experience, we have been able to develop procedures and techniques that mean we do not have to sacrifice anything for efficiency and quality. However that does not mean that we forsake software testing either. Any bespoke gaming software package that we deliver will have undergone rigorous software testing procedures to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible.

Our software testing procedures include:

  • Endurance and soak testing
  • Performance testing, monitoring and tuning
  • Volume and scalability testing
  • Load/stress testing
  • Tool evaluation

All of the above are integral to our UK based game software development process and, as such, will be included in any bespoke gaming software package you commission.

Our software testing services need not be a one-time thing. In fact, many of the clients that we have worked with in the past continue to work with us. We will provide an ongoing software testing service if a client so wishes. Many simply request routine maintenance but we can and will test software as often as required for your peace of mind.

Our UK based game software development team will also test software packages that are put together by other development companies if requested. We will apply the same processes and procedures to any software package that you need testing at any given time. A full report of any and all bugs and glitches will be provided after any software package has been tested so you could then go back to the initial provider for fixes or ask us to resolve the issues as an extension of the service. Either way, it enables you to avoid major problems with your software in the future.

As previously stated, software testing is included in any bespoke gaming software package we create for your company. However, if your company needs a software testing service for existing software applications then please do not hesitate to contact us via the information listed on the Contact Us page. One of our experienced developers will be happy to discuss your options with you.