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iPad Games

Apple’s iPad is one of the most popular technological devices out on the market. The new slimmer, faster iPad 2 is already a big hit all around the world. For those of you who don’t know what an iPad is, it’s a platform to watch movies, listen to music, read books and surf the internet. This device is smaller than a laptop but has the same capabilities of one plus additional unique features. With its hi-tech functionality, and convenient size the iPad continues to gain esteem. The iPad makes a great travel companion because it can be used to kill a lot of time, whether it’s by watching movies or by playing games. iPad games are tremendously fun due to the easy-to-hold interface and touch screen of the iPad.

Popularity of iPad Games

More people around the world than ever before are commuting to work. These people used to read books or play with their PsP, however the newest fad is the iPad. The iPad comes with a high quality 132 pixels per inch (PPI) screen and a better readability screen than the iPhone 4, which makes it perfect for playing games. iPad’s are so small that they are easy to transport around with iPad users anywhere, therefore games can be played at any moment an user is bored or has free time. It doesn’t matter if a gamer is going on holiday, a bus or on a plane trip, the iPad is mobile and light enough to be taken anyway without being hassle.

Gamers are frequently looking for better graphics, challenging and exciting new games, all of which are on iPad. Gaming developers are constantly creating new awesome iPad games every week to please gamers throughout the world. Everyday innovative new games are being uploaded to the Apple App store.

Even though iPad games cannot yet compete with the graphics of the Xbox360 or PS3, the games are still improving and are just as fun as the games on those gaming consoles. Perhaps, the main reason why iPad games are getting so popular is because they can easily be accessed and downloaded from the internet, unlike with Xbox360 games, gamers don’t need to leave their cozy homes and drive their cars to the store, instead they can download and play a game in a few minutes without ever having to leave their own home.

Not surprisingly, the amount of gamers using the iPad is growing every day. As the iPad continues to gain popularity, gamers can expect that the games will only keep getting better and better. There’s no telling what game will be the next big thing.

iPhone Game Development

Tentacle Solutions provides expertise in iPad game development services which will impress any gamer out there. The team of professional iPad game developers we have, have all been working in the gaming industry for years and will provide excellent service to fulfill your iPad game requirements. Besides creating iPad games under our own name (Tentacle Solutions), we also create games under many happy and content client brands.

The iPad gaming industry continues to change and we are always up-to-date with latest modifications, so we are quickly able to take on any type of gaming project. Our expert technicians have developed vocabulary games, actions games and even poker games for the iPad. We have also completed projects which take advantage of various different features of the iPad. Whether a client is looking for a swiping, flicking, shaking or dragging game, we are able to develop interactive and enjoyable games of any sort.

Our well rounded team of expert developers include individuals who have worked at Open GL, they were creating games decades before the iPad was even invented and long before the people who are playing these games were probably even born. The method we use to create iPad games is quite simple. Our creative team will come up with fun spontaneous concept that our animation team will play with. Then, our programmers will design an interface, do some coding and finally the game is ready for development.

After the programmers are finished coding then we will spend time to put the game through some rigorous tests. We want to make sure that the game is error free and has replay value. Our staff will also check for annoying glitches and make certain that the gaming quality and sound quality are good enough so that the game can be launched, if there are any problems at all we will start the our iPad development process again. We want to make sure that our clients receive the best game.

Our Expertise

Our professional staff contains many specialists who have been in the gaming industry for years, they will integrate many of the latest technologies into a clients iPad game. For instance, they know how to use multiple intricate programming languages, platforms and frameworks, so that a game can run smoothly. In addition, our professional team are experts at incorporating, Core Animation, Objective C, Core graphics, AppleScript, OpenGL, Cocoa, Core Imaging and Core Audio into games. We have the expertise and knowledge to take advantage of the innovative technology of the iPad like the cocos2D and accelerometer, to create fun and addicting games fit for everyone.

Don’t employ a company to develop an average game; we have developed hundreds of games that incorporate new visualization techniques and dazzling special graphical effects that other companies simply can’t do. Not only do we have years of developmental gaming experience, we also have just as much experience marketing games. We can assist clients in application marketing to ensure that your game is marketed correctly and gets maximum coverage and visibility. If your game doesn’t reach Apple’s Application Store, then your game will never ever become popular. Our high quality games and marketing team will make sure that your game reaches the masses and get’s uploaded to the Apple Application Store.