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My Superhero Name

Ever wondered what your super hero name would be?

Now imagine this name being left in the hands of a super evil clown!

By using this app you agree to supply Bobo the Clown with your name so that he can determine what your Super Hero Name should be.

Once Bobo has thought of a Super Hero Name, you will be presented with it as the headline text of a local newspaper! You can then save this and share it with your friends and family.

Should you wish to you can twitter your new Superhero Name and if we notice it you may be in for a surprise!

Please note to use the Superhero Name Generator you will need an internet connection.

Finally we feel we really need to warn you about something. Be warned - Do not under any circumstances (even if its your greatest desire in the entire world) should you ever, ever rub an evil clowns stomach. You have been warned!