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Android Games

Google’s Android platform is one of the most advanced gaming platforms available today. Already hugely popular in North America, it’s seeing a steady rise in popularity throughout the rest of the world too. Android mobile phones and tablet devices offer unique capabilities. Based on the Linux operating system, Android is a creation of Google given away on a free to use basis to developers of hardware and mobile phones who want to make use of its awesome potential.

Android is used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Barnes & Noble Book eReader and Google TV, as well as numerous other mobile devices. Despite the small size of Android devices, the operating system gives them many capabilities similar to the Apple iPhone and iPad, and make fantastic travelling companions, enabling users to watch moves, browse the internet and play games from anywhere on the planet.

Popularity of Android Games

More and more people are using their mobile devices on the go, and see them as an essential part of their live – something they simply cannot afford to leave home without. The numerous devices employing Android benefit from high quality graphics and advanced touch pad controls, making them ideal for playing games of all genres. And because Android mobiles and tablets are so portable, gamers can access their games anytime, anywhere, meaning gaming has never been so popular.

Hardcore gamers are constantly on the lookout for newer, more entertaining and more challenging games, and Android games can and do deliver. New titles are constantly being released on the Android platform, uploaded to the Android app store, meaning that Android gamers are literally spoilt for choice about which games they can play. Despite the fact that Android games obviously cannot match those of the Playstation or Xbox, and sometimes even those of the iPhone or iPad, they are continually getting better as developers come to realize the unique potential that Android has to offer. Due to the ease of access, whereby users can simply visit the Android Store and download direct to their mobile phone in seconds, these games are gaining in popularity with each day. Users don’t need to bother heading out to the shops to get their hands on the latest titles, which is why Android games are selling fast.

It’s no surprise then that the Android platform’s popularity is continuing to grow, day by day. As the use of Android grows more and more widespread, the depth and playability of its games titles will only get better. With any luck, your new title could grow into the next big craze.

Android Game Development

Tentacle Solutions is the undisputed leader in Android game development, with the technical expertise that is sure to wow even the most difficult to please gamer. Our expert Android development team combines years of experience with a level of skill and innovation that is unmatched by our rivals. Having produced games both under our own brand and that of multiple satisfied clients, we will realize your Android game requirements to a level you never thought possible.

The Android gaming world never sits still, which is why we find it necessary to keep up to date with the latest technological issues and improvements surrounding Android. This allows us to meet the needs of even the most technically demanding projects. We are confident we can meet your needs, no matter if you require an action game, a puzzle game, a sports game or even a strategy game. We will utilize the power of Android to instill the most advanced features possible into your games, taking advantage of the platform’s unique capabilities.

We have been around and producing games long before Android came out, and so our method of game development is as transparent and refined as it’s possible to be. Our development process is simple – Our game creators come produce the concept, our animators refine it, the programmers code the game, then finally the game is developed and tested.

These tests are among the strictest in the world, guaranteed to ensure that your game complies with the latest industry standards. You can therefore be assured of a gaming experience with zero errors and high quality. We make sure that by the time comes to launch your game, there will be no glitches and no problems with loading, while the graphics will be fluid, gameplay will flow smoothly and the level of sound quality simply astounding. Should we come up with any issues during your game testing, these problems will be ironed out before it hits the shelves.