Want to work for one of the world’s leading software development companies? If your expertise is in Flash games, would you like to work for the best UK based games design and development company? Well, here is your chance! Come work for Tentacle Solutions!

Tentacle Solutions is Scotland’s leading IT firm and has a growing client base. We are committed to realising the wants and needs of all of our clients and need a responsible and talented team to do so.

Tentacle Solutions is certainly no ordinary company to work for. We work hard and will push you to your limits in terms of your abilities. It is certainly a challenge, but it is extremely fun at the same time. Our teams are friendly and supportive so you will be welcomed into the company with open arms. Although you are expected to contribute, you may never experience as fulfilling a role again. As such, we are always looking for exceptional people to join us.

Could You Work For Us?

Every individual that works for us is highly trained in his or her area of expertise and we are always looking to develop even further, reach higher and add to our skill set. We give our employees every opportunity they want and need to advance their skills and can provide the same development and fulfilment of ambitions for you if you have what it takes to join our amazing team.

Every Tentacle Solutions employee has to have some intrinsic qualities that can help us take our business to the next level; that can help us to continue delivering high quality products to every single client time after time no matter what their specifications and requirements actually are.

Attention to detail, an unbelievable work ethic and a commitment to the job are absolutely necessary. A willingness to embrace new challenges every single day is also on the list of desired qualities but you also have to be versatile and grasp new concepts quickly.

If you can develop innovative solutions to existing problems and “hit the ground running" so to speak then you may have just what we are looking for!

If all of the above applies to you then do not hesitate, contact us today! Please use the link below to send your CV to us for review and we will contact you to discuss vacancies further*.

We also have opportunities for work experience candidates. If you are interested in IT and would like to apply for the Tentacle Solutions Apprenticeship then please contact us in the same way, making sure to note that our application is for this opportunity and not a permanent position.

All applications must be sent via email using the link below. Any applications sent to us via the site Contact Form will be disregarded.

Click Here to Email your CVs

*Please note that Tentacle Solutions do NOT employ nor outsource any client work to individuals or companies outside the UK.