Company Information

Tentacle Solutions is the leading UK based software development company operating in the IT industry today and has been since its foundation some years ago as a result of the high quality and dedicated service we provide to every single client. With a proven and extremely consistent track record that is the envy of the majority of our competitors, Tentacle Solutions’s claim to be the market leader will also hold firm in years to come.

Located in Glasgow, Scotland, we offer a full range of software and games services to clients from all over the world with different requirements and operating in various industries. We design, build and customise software solutions for all our customers, offering bespoke packages that are unique and have been formulated for the individual client.

We will design a custom solution for your business wants and needs. Whether you are a local business in Glasgow that is currently looking to streamline your business and take it to the next level or whether you are a multinational company looking for a complete software solution to give you an edge over the competition, Tentacle Solutions can cater for your exact specifications.

We will liase with you directly to ensure that every single aspect of the solution that we will provide you with complements your business process now and into the future. We believe that our UK based development teams can fulfil our promise and deliver a better solution than any other development company in Scotland, or the UK for that matter.

Our History

Tentacle Solutions has been programming bespoke software for over 10 years. Founded in 2001, Tentacle Solutions has extensive experience within the software industry and will strive to provide business class software that will go above and beyond what it is required to do in every single aspect. We will always bring passion and attention to detail to every single piece of software that we program, and that passion cannot be rivalled.

Every program that we develop and solution that we offer provides the ultimate level of performance and reliability. They will vastly benefit your business and regularly outlive and outperform various other programs that are widely available on the market and/or created by other development companies.

We have a wide range of customers and out client base continues to grow. We have developed bespoke software packages for companies operating within the transport industry, online retailers and even the NHS. As such, we bring our extensive experience to every project that we take on and can give you the ultimate software solution that can and will enable you to take your business onwards and upwards into the future.

No matter how small or large your business, no matter how small or large your needs, Tentacle Solutions can provide you with the solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for your business.