Case Study:

What the client wanted:

In this particular instance, Tentacle Solutions was approached by Place The Ball to build an interactive game for marketing purposes. It was to be based on the 1980s Spot The Ball competitions that were commonly run in local newspapers during the football season. The game was to be run solely online with an initial short term run of three weeks.

The game that Tentacle Solutions was to build was also affiliated with Real Radio, one of the biggest radio stations in Scotland, The directors had worked out a deal with them to plug the game and indeed the site live on air. The aim was to run the competition for three weeks during which time the site would receive publicity from the radio station before Roughy, the legendary Scottish DJ, announced the winner of the competition live on air. The prize was to be a holiday and so the company required the game to be fitting for the task.

What Tentacle Solutions did:

During this project, the Tentacle Solutions development team went above and beyond to ensure that both Place The Ball and Real Radio were entirely happy with the project and the final results were to everyone’s satisfaction. This required a lot of work within a short space of time for the development team as a result of the requirements.

Upon initially meeting with the directors of Place The Ball and the representatives of Real Radio, we found that the former was a little unclear on the topic of what they actually wanted. As such, our development team worked with them to fully develop the concept of the game and the elements of the website that they perceived to be essential. Although they had negotiated a deal with Real Radio for the promotional run, they had not discussed technical terms with them and thus it was feasible that issues would arrive on delivery of the game.

Taking matters into our own hands, Tentacle Solutions also negotiated with Real Radio to ensure that the game created would meet all of their technical terms first time. This was to ensure that the game was delivered on time and to the correct standards. The technical terms were important because the deal Real Radio had with Place The Ball hinged on them and so we took on that mantle, thus going above and beyond for the clients.

What Tentacle Solutions delivered:

Tentacle Solutions effectively built the entire game within a two week period. We designed the game with the feedback that we had received from the directors and delivered the following products:

  1. Place The Ball game
  2. Functional and comprehensive website
  3. Payment gateway
  4. Backend admin site

Following an extremely successful three week run, Tentacle Solutions removed the website as planned. We are currently awaiting further instructions for a predicted second run. The competition was extremely successful and most definitely exceeded the expectations of everyone involved.