Case Study: Tentacle Solutions: Micro Games

What the client wanted:

Tentacle Solutions, the UK based games design and development market leader, has built up a reputation for high quality viral games in the past few years as a result of the FAB free viral games that are released on a regular basis. As the premier company in the UK for such games, it was important to take the technology and gaming that we have provided as and when possible. As such, we decided to try a new approach to gaming on various website by creating a series of Micro Games that differed greatly from the work we had done previously. Our UK based games design and development team is always eager for new challenges and so took this particular challenge on with relish.

There was actually no client in this particular case because of the nature of the project. As the team is always seeking new ways to provide clients with what they want we undertook this particular task with the benefits for future clients firmly at the forefront of the project. Our aim was to revolutionize the integration process by actually embedding the Micro Games into the site itself rather than being placed on it, as our usual viral games are. In fact, this is the way that all viral games are placed on the site and so we were actively seeking some way to make the transition to the game completely seamless so as to limit the problems that visitors may face when trying to play. With these goals in mind, the UK based games design and development team actively worked towards improving our services.

What Tentacle Solutions did:

This particular project was conducted over a relatively short period of time but ensured that the quality of the services that our UK based games design and development team provide on a regular basis could be improved. In effect, we aimed to raise the bar and succeeded. We initially brainstormed to see what solutions all experienced members of our team believed they could offer in order to integrate games into the fabric of a website rather than placing a viral alongside it. When brainstorming was complete, we began to experiment with code, techniques and methods that we believed would allow us to succeed.

There has always been the passion within the staff of Tentacle Solutions to always improve and refine the company website and this is just another example of this passion coming to life. The team remained in constant communication, discussing progress and ensuring that the UK based games design and development side of the company effectively worked seamlessly with the website build element of the team. Overall, we were very pleased with the process.

What Tentacle Solutions delivered:

The Tentacle Solutions UK based design and development team took just five days to pull this particular project together and sought to create several games that would help us to refine our services and fulfil the passion that we have for our work. After the five days were up, we had achieved the following:

1. Fifteen fully functional games that were termed “Micro Games”. None of the games featured any sound and the graphics are not complex. This was effectively to make sure that the file size for each game was as small as possible in order to enhance the speed of loading and to make sure that they could be integrated into the website as seamlessly as possible.

2. Revolutionary integration that allows each game to be woven into the fabric of the website so as to prevent stalling. The integration of the games was designed to be subtle and, as such, there is a five second delay before the game can be played once it has loaded to accommodate this.

These Micro Games will undoubtedly take our services to the next level and increase the range of products that our UK based games design and development team can provide. As such, it proved to be a very fruitful project for everyone involved. Furthermore, we are proud to say that all goals were met and we will be offering these services to clients in the future as a result.