Case Study: Lush: Christmas Training Game

What the client wanted:

Having established a formidable reputation in the Flash games design and development industry, Tentacle Solutions has been contacted by major companies across all industries in recent months. Each company has requested a highly unique and innovative Flash game that has to be tailored to their individual needs to ensure maximum return. One of the most unusual requests came from Lush, the renowned and incredibly popular cosmetics company. Their request was a little different to those we usually receive because they did not require a game for a marketing tool. Instead, they required the services of our UK based games design and development team to help train their staff.

Our UK based games design and development team was asked to create a brand new and highly specific Flash game to help train the new staff that had been employed for the Christmas period. As Lush place an emphasis on high quality customer service, they were looking for a new and fun way to train all staff and ensure that each individual member was able to pick up their key principles and retain them for use on the job. The game was also to include information about the Lush range of seasonal products. As such, the game was to be a fun and innovative experience that could capture the imagination of staff but also educate them at the same time.

As previously mentioned, the specifics of the game were provided in advance so Tentacle Solutions had to work to a very specific script in line with the company’s requirements. All information was to be incorporated. It also needed to be easy to use, easy to navigate and have a memorable format to ensure that the text was as memorable as possible. Although different to what the UK based games design and development team has usually been asked to do, the challenge was indeed achievable.

What Tentacle Solutions did:

Over the course of the project, the Tentacle Solutions UK based design and development team remained in constant contact with the client to ensure that all goals were being met. With the level of text and specific features that the game required, it was essential that the client was kept up to date with progress and remained happy with the tone and content of the game. Given the seasonal nature of the game and the specific aim, it was also essential that it was completed on time and indeed within a short period of time. As such, Tentacle Solutions also dealt with milestones that it was imperative to meet.

The comprehensive requirements and specifications that Lush had offered a little creative freedom in terms of the design of the game, providing that the emphasis was placed on fun. We created a full Flash game that every individual in training could literally walk through with no complications. It also had to be integrated within the Lush website to ensure that it was easily accessible throughout the day.

What Tentacle Solutions delivered:

Tentacle Solutions’s UK based games design and development team effectively produced the game from start to finish, following all given specifications to the letter. Within a short space of time, the completed game was produced and delivered ready for new staff to be fully trained in time for the Christmas period. In addition to keeping the client informed through, the following was delivered:

  1. The game, complete with full training information, product information and video links to fun video content to enhance the training experience.
  2. The game was fully integrated into the Lush website without any bugs or other issues that could interrupt the training process.
  3. A full backend admin system to ensure that the use of the training system could be monitored throughout.

Upon delivery, the UK based games design and development team received amazing feedback from a very happy client. The Lush team was pleased that all of the correct information has been incorporated into a fun but education game. It also achieved high success in terms of its function according to the employees that initially used it. As such, we were able to provide everything that the client asked within a very short period of time.


"We sent an email out to every Lush store manager in UK, Canada and the US earlier today, pointing them at the training website & game.... we're live! Many thanks to the whole team at T-Enterpise for all their hard work on this project."

Stephen Homan-Berry
IT Director, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics