Case Study: Legal & General

What the client wanted:

Tentacle Solutions, the UK based games design and development market leader, has built up a huge list of clients in recent years with companies, sports events and individuals all seeking viral games to promote their products and services to existing and potential new customers. However, a number of companies have now begun to use our Flash game services for internal training, product launches and other similar purposes. One such company contacted us to produce a fun but themed game to help promote customer retention internally. That company was Legal & General.

The UK based games design and development team was asked to design and build a unique and innovative game that was to be hosted solely online as a part of the Legal & General website. Tentacle Solutions had built viral games for hosting online repeatedly in the past but the serious financial theme was a new element to be introduced into the game. As such, there was to be a unique slant on the game itself. It was to be a one player game that encouraged individual employees to try to save money and feature a scoring facility so they could see how they did. However, the important element was linking the game to the link employees were encouraged to visit afterwards, thus learning about improving customer retention rates.

The client had requested that there be a continuous message pointing towards customer retention and so the fun flash game was to be tailored to the needs already outlined on their company website. This gave us a little background information in addition to material for ideas. As such, the Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team was able to fully agree to the project with little preamble.

What Tentacle Solutions did:

This particular project was incredibly easy to work on from start to finish. The client was incredibly helpful in providing information but essentially allowed the Tentacle Solutions games design and development team to grasp creative freedom quickly and readily. As they had previously looked at the FAB viral games produced, Legal & General were happy to allow us to create, design and develop a brand new and unique game in the same vein as those previously released. They had full confidence in our abilities to produce something appropriate for their employees and we did just that.

We did maintain full contact with Legal & General throughout the design and development process to ensure that they were kept up to date every step of the way. They were consulted over ideas, development and themes that were to be incorporated. As such, any slight issues were ironed out prior to delivery of the final product, thus making the process much smoother and far more efficient. All terms were also clarified and agreed upon early on to ensure that there was no disruption to production at all.

What Tentacle Solutions delivered:

The final game that Tentacle Solutions delivered was called “Cash Catcher” and was effectively themed to centre around the website itself. As soon as all specifications and requirements were clarified, the UK based design and development team was able to come up with this brilliant idea and complete it before the deadline passed. Keeping Legal & General fully informed throughout the design process and build, we ultimately provided them with the following:

  1. The game itself complete with an appropriate theme to the subject matter on the website
  2. Fully functional integration into the existing Legal & General website to provide users with a seamless experience

Legal & General were very happy with the final result and provided us with excellent feedback. It has made an impact on their business and reinforced the principles of ensuring that employees and affiliates keep retention at the forefront of their minds. It does provide something new and different and has been proven to work. As such, Tentacle Solutions is incredibly satisfied with the overall project as well.


"Helpful, efficient and flexible. Nothing was too much trouble and they had a solution to every issue. A surprisingly easy process from start to finish."

Emma Dixon
Marketing, Legal and General