Case Study: Culture & Sport

What the client wanted:

This project brought us together with a local client; one that was based in Glasgow just like Tentacle Solutions. The client was actually a government body, thus providing us with a new challenge and adding another string to our UK based games design and development team’s bow. This just serves to highlight how diverse our clients actually are.

Instead of promoting products and services or aiming to create a gaming social network as many of our other clients do, this client wanted something a little different. This project aimed to promote an event and raise awareness of both the cause and the event itself in the hope that it would reach more people. In truth, the target audience was the non-specific demographic group that would be willing to participate.

In actual fact, the client actually needed a clever viral game that would promote the famous Glasgow Run held in the summer months. As such, the target audience that they were hoping to reach had no specific age, gender or interests. This posed a completely new and unique challenge for us because the only thing the individuals in the target audience had in common was running!

What Tentacle Solutions did:

Tentacle Solutions jumped at the chance to participate in such a project, especially considering the locality in terms of our offices and the very new and different challenge it presented us with. It was something that we had never had the opportunity to do before for so many reasons and so made Tentacle Solutions more determined to help the client reach it’s target audience.

As such, we arranged to visit the client over the course of several weeks to discuss their options and also to gain a better understanding of what they wanted. As it was a government body rather than a private client, there were also rules and regulations that they were legally required to abide by. Government initiatives are extremely strictly governed, which also posed a challenge to us. Whilst this made it more problematic in terms of actually providing the game than the process normally would be, it also made it a little more fun! Our developers and designers had to step up and push themselves that little bit further, thus proving that they never shy away from a challenge.

What Tentacle Solutions delivered:

We ultimately delivered the game in full to the client on time and it was compliant with all of the rules and legislation that the government body itself had to abide by. It was a roaring success and reached thousands of people in the local area alone. It encouraged many people to sign up for the run, so it is fair to say that it was a huge success for both Tentacle Solutions and sport and culture in Glasgow on a local level and Scotland as a whole!


Andrew Webb, Marketing Manager
Culture and Sport Glasgow