Case Study: Computer Arts Tutorial

What the client wanted:

As the market leader in Flash games design and development, Tentacle Solutions is routinely contacted by a range of companies and individuals that are looking for unique and innovative games to promote their products, brands and services, commemorate an event or even train new employees. However, never have we been asked to do a project that is more suited to us. In fact, the Computer Arts Tutorial was one project that we were more than willing to play a part in. The Computer Arts Tutorial was actually commissioned by Computer Arts Magazine in order to help inform its readers as to what Flash games design actually was. As experts in the specific field, the team was only too happy to oblige.

Our UK based games design and development team was asked to produce an online tutorial on Flash programming that the readers of Computer Arts Magazine could easily find and use. They would be encouraged to go online and try out their Flash programming skills for free. The unveiling of this online Flash programming tutorial was to coincide with the publishing of an article that would be published in the magazine and was conceived to provide a real life workspace for those interested in learning.

The requirements and specifications of this project were quite straightforward. The Tentacle Solutions Flash games design and development team was simply to design the online tutorial and place it on the website so that it was easily accessible 24 hours a day for readers to use. The Flash programming tutorial was to be relatively simple but contain enough objects and options to provide a comprehensive overview of what was required.

What Tentacle Solutions did:

From the moment that Tentacle Solutions received the information pertaining to this particular project, we remained in constant contact with the client to ensure that both parties were aware of the other’s progress. For Tentacle Solutions, that was knowing exactly what was in the article and Computer Arts Magazine needed to know what the tutorial incorporated and how it would fit with the article that was eventually to be published.

The requirements and specifications established for the project ensured that the design of the Flash programming tutorial was basically left up to the Tentacle Solutions games design and development team as far as creativity and the nature of the features were concerned. As such, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase skill as well as design creativity and the team relished the chance. As long as both parties remained happy with the progress of the tutorial and the article respectively, the project would remain on course. Ultimately, both parties were very pleased with the experience and the deliverables.

What Tentacle Solutions delivered:

Tentacle Solutions began working on this particular project as soon as all relevant information was received. Our motivated and incredible talent UK based design and development team were more than happy to follow all requests and add their own ideas into the mix as well. The end results were as follows:

  1. A fully functional game tutorial that presented an effective method of learning online Flash programming.
  2. A tutorial that complemented the article incredibly well and was able to illustrate the points made there.
  3. Full integration into the Tentacle Solutions website to ensure that it remained fully functional and available around the clock.

Computer Arts Magazine was incredibly happy with the finished product, which was delivered ahead of schedule to ensure that it was available to all readers following the publication of the article. It is an effective tool in teaching the games design and development professionals of the future and is effectively able to provide knowledge for them as well as enhancing the reputation of the magazine and the team simultaneously.