UK Based Web & Mobile Game Development

Tentacle Solutions is a globally renowned web and mobile game development company based in the UK. Our primary focus is the development, distribution and licensing of high quality viral games across all platforms – the web, mobiles, tablet devices, PC’s and games consoles. We use state of the art technology to develop creative, interactive software that is viable across all a broad spectrum of gaming mediums. Tentacle Solutions houses some of the leading talent within the UK gaming industry, overflowing with experience and imagination in the development, creation, innovation and production of some of the most exciting games across the internet today.

Tentacle Solutions Ltd

We are widely regarded as the UK’s leading software development company, developing, distributing and licensing interactive gaming software globally for the internet and mobile apps industry. Since our inception, Tentacle Solutions has enjoyed tremendous success with interactive entertainment, creating customized, state of the art games, market penetration strategies, advertising strategies and business consulting for our global clientele.

Tentacle Solutions Ltd stands head and shoulders above its competitors in the field of web and mobile game development for several crucial reasons – Consistently improving year on year, our skill set with the latest in web coding and mobile app technology is second to none and constantly expanding, allowing us to deliver tailor made solutions to your gaming needs using the most hi-tech platforms available to date.

What Is Viral Marketing?

The latest trend in online marketing is a new concept known as “Viral Marketing” – cashing in on the amazing reach of “word of mouth” as the next cool thing spreads like a virus across cyberspace, building your brand simply because people love what you’re all about. Why pay for traditional advertising when consumers are just as happy to tell their friends about the latest cool new service, product or web site they’ve found?

Not only is viral marketing cheaper but it’s proven to be far more effective than other kinds of advertising, encouraging visitors to your website to look around and tell everyone else they know just how great your product is.

Viral Gaming

By far the most effective way to spread enthusiasm about your products across the net is through online games. The power of games is immense – not only are they lots of fun, but they are terrifically potent viral products that can provide training, education and traffic generation, by simply redirecting games players to your website once they’ve finished playing. By doing so, you are ensured a constant stream of new visitors to your site, many of whom are sure to come back to your site again and again.

The popularity of online games has skyrocketed, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away anytime soon. If you want increased traffic to your site then what you need is a fun, addictive game to pull them in!

Have you a gaming idea?

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HTML5 – The New Coding Standard

Introducing HTML5 – the new coding language markup that is steadily taking the world by storm. By developing games under the new HTML5 specification, we can introduce cool new features to your gaming experience, such as video, audio and canvas elements that simply weren’t possible before. Combined with other state of the art technologies, HTML5 allows plugin-free gaming to be taken to a whole new level – games can be more complex and far more powerful than ever before.

Making use of the Open Web Platform, HTML5 taps into WebGL to provide stunning 3D visual experiences, and WebSockets for multiplayer modes, and even allows for users to play when disconnected to the internet.

Set to become the mobile gaming era’s foundation, HTML5 is fast becoming the face of new Open Web Platform games, representing a single standard that has the ability to be applied across the internet and accessed through PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

iPhone Game Development

The iPhone is a truly outstanding mobile game platform. With its touch screen features, 3.5 inch wide screen, 3D processor and accelerometer the device has outstanding capabilities, making it a prime platform for creative games of unique complexity.

Tentacle Solutions makes great use out of the iPhone’s astounding capabilities. Features like the touch screen allow for a unique kind of game playing phenomenon for players, while the accelerometer puts a whole new twist on things, with games being piloted horizontally or vertically. Harnessing the enormous potential that the iPhone has to offer, we develop games of outstanding breadth and detail with innovative ideas that will simply blow gamers away.

iPad Game Development

Look deep inside the heart of every adult, and you’ll find a child that refuses to grow up. To amaze this child, you need a brand new gaming experience that is going to blow them away. Introducing the iPad gaming experience, Tentacle Solutions exploits the vast potential of this uniquely powerful device. With wonderful features including the accelerometer, a powerful, rich graphic interface combined with visual and audio delights, the iPad truly is a gaming platform like no other.

At Tentacle Solutions, we have rejuvenated the whole concept of gaming development on the iPad, which offers a world of possibilities for engaging multi-player games that offer the most vivid, sensuous gaming experience seen on a mobile device yet.

Reaching out to your minds, our iPad games are a combination of the mind boggling, nerve wrecking and heart wrenching, keeping games enticed throughout the day, with many simply unable to put the game down. A truly scintillating experience awaits.

Web Flash Games

There’s a good reason why you see a never ending supply of flash web games showing up on the net – they work. Web flash games spread your message in a way that no other form of advertising can, capturing people’s attention, engaging your users and making them want to come back again and again.

What’s more, web flash games do more than simply advertise. They can perform the role of a valuable resource, harvesting information by tracking the information that visitors input, allowing you to display highly targeted adverts that appeal to their biggest desires.

Tentacle Solutions is the UK’s leading provider of visually stunning web flash games. Stalwarts in the field of multimedia presentation and the use of HTML5, we design fast-paced, action packed, totally compelling games that become instantly recognizable with your brand. No matter what industry you are in, there’s a game out there somewhere that can boost the respect and authority that your business deserves.

Android Game Development

Tentacle Solutions are highly experienced with Android game development, able to overcome the complex challenges of programming that this unique mobile operating system presents, and deliver stunning customized mobile games. Using our thorough understanding of Android’s technology, we are able to utilize the salient features offered by this platform in order to deploy gripping games to virtually any Smartphone.

Android offers many distinct advantages over its competitors – because it’s an open source technology, it promises low development costs and more room to maneuver thanks to its Linux Core, allowing for a much higher degree of customization than with other mobile platforms.

Android games are known to be robust and stable, preventing abnormalities from creeping into games so that you can be sure they will rarely crash. Hence, when you choose Android, you get the most reliable mobile phone games around.