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The heart of the vast majority of businesses today, whether large or small, is a central point at which all of the necessary data is stored. Many businesses cannot function without that central data because it has been collated from years of business endeavours, clients, contacts and figures that the business has learned from and thrived on. If all of that were taken away then very few businesses would survive.

The software that businesses are built upon is commonly known as a database - the place in which data is stored. Every database should be high organized, highly structured and high accessible to all employees that need to use it. However, all too often it is difficult to access for those that need the information for the good of your business but all too accessible for those that do not.

How Tentacle Solutions Can Revolutionize Your Database

As such, Tentacle Solutions specialises in database design and development with the sole aim of making sure that your data is easily accessed by those that need it and completely secured from those that do not.

Our UK based software development team has been fully trained to understand the way in which data is used in various types of database, including MS access and SQL server. Their experience and knowledge is a fundamental factor in dealing with businesses everywhere because it has enabled them to fully understand how segments of data relate to each other, thus providing the insight into the required design and development of a database. It is this that directly allows our software developers to ensure that the database design performs efficiently and effectively when put into practice.

Our UK based software development team has innate knowledge about MS access and SQL server to the point at which working with both has become second nature to us and efficiency, security and performance are completely assured.

Your Database Choices

Security is a primary concern throughout the whole design and development life cycle of your database, so much so that we ensure security measures are hard coded into the very foundations of the database without sacrificing functionality or performance. Our UK based software development team will ensure that your custom software conforms to strict design standards as well so that your bespoke software is ready to enhance your business from day one.

Microsoft's "Access" is one of the most widely used database software development packages in the world. As it features in-built development capabilities, and user-friendly design tools, it makes an ideal choice for many home and small business users. However, larger businesses tend to use the more powerful and more complex Microsoft SQL Server. It is purposely built for larger, multi-user systems and a constant flow and high volume of data. Finally, the Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) sits in the middle of the two so there is an option for businesses of all sizes!

The best choice of database for your specific application will depend on the details of what you need to achieve, the volume of data you need to store and process, and the levels of security you need to enforce.

All of the above will be fully taken care of by our experience UK based software developers. They actively consult clients on an individual basis to discuss issues such as design, function, application, backup and systems performance. Our databases are custom made to complement and integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions and confer dependability and reliability to every aspect of your business function. In more simple terms, they are essential in the successful operation of any business and a high quality database can revolutionize yours.

Regardless of your level of technical expertise, Tentacle Solutions can help you to put the best possible database in place to ensure that your business interests are fully protected and your data is fully secured. Database design can be complex so you would be forgiven for not understanding the language that accompanies it, or even what the different options fully entail. However, our UK based software development team can answer any questions you have and put everything you need to know into plain English so the terminology will not baffle you into making a wrong business decision.

No matter how silly you believe a question to be, we can give you the answer to it. No matter how much of a technophobe you are, we can help you to decide which database option is the best. If you are experienced and know what you want for your company, we can cater for your requirements and specifications. Our free consultation service will provide you with the attention you need from one of our experienced developers to ensure that our business can go from strength to strength on the back of a reliable data storage system in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can further discuss your needs and help you to meet them.

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